What would you do in this situation that just happened to me?

I just wanted to go to dollar tree quick grab 2 items and take diesel my puppy to the dog park my roommate says to me I will go with you i will be in and out 5 min I said ok go to dollar tree he goes in first I take diesel out of van to go potty then back in the car wait for him for I can run in REMINDING YOU ITS 85 DEGREES EXTREMELY 🔥 20 minutes later he still never came out of dollar tree so I put diesel in a shopping cart go inside dollar tree grab my 2 items im at check out he just taking his jolly time shopping I put diesel back in van and we both waited 10 more minutes then he finally comes out I already told him off about leaving us wait so long in this hot van then he kept insisting to take him to Walmart be in and out 5 min I gave in drop him off waited in parking lot over 1 hour diesel and I I thought were going to have heat stroke the water I brought with me was boiling hot so I text him this you don't tell someone in and out 5 min when you take over a hour you have absolutely no consideration for the puppy or Me F THIS IM DONE CALL cab I left
1 y
Diesel won't drink water but I have been hand feeding him ice cubes for the past 30 min it didn't look good so he is starting to bounce back
What would you do in this situation that just happened to me?
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