How high has things gotten, read and answer?

So I sold a 47 " x 39 " Picasso poster on wood , no frame, no glass (remember these two) . It weighs 12 pounds. I go in to UPS. They don't have box big enough , so I order one box for $66. They want $30 to prepare it, and $350 to ship it. Two years ago it would have been $85 to ship it. Etsy got $50 for the sell. I paid $54 for the poster at auction. So $500 was not enough and you never know how much shipping has increased since last time you mailed something. Imagine if it was glass framed? That would triple the weight. I brought $270 with me and could only afford to buy the box.

The crappy thing is that companies are not trying to get product in. They want to order at additional costs the products , make you wait and charge you prems for it. Other words they are taking advantage of what is going on. You can't order just one box from a company online.

Cost in two years for shipping is up 75% . transitory inflation my ass. This highest price I have ever paid to ship an item. I paid $600 to ship a Corvette from Miami to Louisville in 2001 .

How has economy not collapsed at these prices? Also with Biden's $600 rule , they will count $500 as income even though I lost money for negative income.

It is only going to get higher. We need to recall this idiot and have new elections. We need to make liberal /socialist policy hate speech.

US economy is going to collapse soon. At the least , I see riots over prices. I think you will have to make min wage $50 an hour or how can they afford to ship anything?
At the grocery store
At the grocery store
Look at meat prices , almost as bad as shipping.
It is outrageous and inflation is a lot worse than 1970's
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No it is just transitory at 50% to 75% inflation.
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How high has things gotten, read and answer?
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