Thoughtful Christmas Gift for my Boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I are both 20 years old and have been together 4 years this March. I always try to think of the best creative presents because I know they mean the most to both him and I. But, this year I just can't seem to come up with anything. The money is not an issue but, I want it to be more of a thoughtful gift. For example in past years here are two of the things I've done.

1.) I bought this frame that I believe had 8 photo cut outs spread out. I bought all sorts of stickers and words that meant something and put them around the pictures. I picked all our favorite pictures of us and of me and put them in there. He loved it.

2.) I also bought the ring he wears around his neck and had my name engraved on it. He says that is the best and most special gift he's ever gotten.

Please any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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  • If there are songs that remind you of him or have some special meaning you could put them on a CD and then write down why you chose each song. My sister did this once and I thought that it was a cute and simple idea.

    • I've thought about doing this for my guy except I'd be the one singing them. There's a favourite song of his that I can't stand that I was going to put on there. I think he'd get a kick of that.

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  • does he like a sports team? I just got done making this for my friend who is a fan of the buffalo bills - you could make him a fleece blanket either by sewing it or tying cut pieces around the edges . its pretty simple . and then to make it more personal you could somehow put the year and stuff on it

  • Last year I got mine a digital photoframe and put pictures of us on there, and some of our pet ferret (don't ask) and some of me wearing very little ;)

    I suppose it's quite similar to your first one though.