Why is he acting this way?

I have been with this guy for 6 months in the beginning everything was great. He was very giving, caring called me everyday and was always there for me. After a couple months I told him I cared for him and asked him how he felt. After that it all went down hill. He said he was not ready to talk about his feelings which was perfectly fine.

At the same time it would have been nice for him to just let me know everything was ok with us. He stopped calling as much to nothing at all, no emails, etc. He has a eight year old daughter with a nut case for an ex girlfriend who would start dropping her daughter off every time we had plans and he started canceling on me every time we had plans. It was very frustrating for me but I never said anything because it was not his fault and we both agreed that I should not have a relationship with her until we knew it was going to work.

Now 6 months later he will not talk to me at all. A week before Christmas he stopped calling, so I went to his house and he said that he was frustrated and thought maybe he would be better off alone because nothing seems to be turning out right. I told him don't let your ex ruin our relationship. That hurt me very much and I dropped his gifts off at his house before he got home. He still did not call finally the weekend before Christmas he told me to come over so we could exchange gifts. So I went over there and I had gotten him something I knew he would love. I searched high and low and I also went all out for his daughter that I still can not see.

He asked me why did you spend that much money on my daughter and I told him that I care about you and your daughter regardless of the fact that I don't get to see her. He seemed to feel bad because he got me a gift card, he said he wanted to get me a present but just did not have time. Never the less he was joking around about not having sex and holding back and I asked him whose fault is that.

That's when he told me that he was scared, he said his daughter is a very jealous of everyone and her mother always pushes her in her room when her boyfriends come over and he does not want his daughter to feel her father is doing that, and he is scared is we don't get along and she hates me what is he to do, but if she loves me and we don't work out she will get hurt. I asked him at that time are you telling me you don't want to be in this relationship. He said no and I don't want to talk about it anymore. I want to tell him it is ok to be scared and I am too but he once again will not answer his phone, or emails. I love him very much but I have not told him that because I don't want to be hurt, unfortunately I already have been not knowing what to do. What do I do........
Why is he acting this way?
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