Western men would never date middle-eastern women: True or false?

Well, this is the general opinion where I live. Even if the middle-eastern woman is integrated, educated, beautiful etc.

So, let's be honest once and for all; Western men would never date middle-eastern women: True or false?


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  • Middle eastern women are generally Muslim so I don't see why there is a point in being interested in them. Only Muslim men are allowed to date out so unless she is christian I wouldn't really look


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  • False! BS! wrong!..not true.

    Where did you get this impression? What's wrong with the entire female middle eastern population?

    I don't care if you're from Venus or Mid Western Idaho...what's culture got to do with dating if you find someone interesting and attractive?

  • I know plenty of guys who have noted they find middle eastern women especially hot.

    However if she's a practicing Muslim they may assume she's not DTF even if dating and not try.

  • Usually the question is - would middle-eastern women date western men?

    But to answer your question, it's false. As long as you're... let's say - sane, especially when it comes to clothing and.. spirituality, it's all just fine!

  • Western men as in European? If that's what you mean. Then your some what right and wrong.

    Me being my background is Greek/Italian, I personally don't have a problem with middle eastern woman. I actually was dating a Persian Woman recently. but I dumped her cause she thought it was okay to vandalise my Mercedes. Anyways not the point.

    From my personal experience, I won't date another middle Easter woman again... I feel like they think to highly of themselves, like there king sh*t when they walk in a room, yet they are the pit of the pitts... Yes some are attractive and what not.. But the religions don't match. And neither do the family ethnic morals.

    Now I'm not trying to bash on middle eastern woman. But Because of this incident, it has completely turned me off from those types of woman... I did everything for her, she had no reason to vandalise my car, and now I'm sueing her for $4000 dollars in damage. She got drunk one night, and she says she doesn't remeber doing that. Yet her heal marks are all over my car. Anyways.

    From my experience.. And no offense, but the families don't match. Nor does the upbringing of the children. Europeans are taught to respect and love and stick as one with the family. Middle easterns arent.. And I don't hate middles easterns. But, my buddies are like this too ( my middle eastern buddies) And they have no respect and think there king sh*t. Anyways.

    And I repeat one more time. I don't have anything against those types of people. but I will just never date another middle eastern woman cause of this.

    • And they follow the Horoscope bs too much. Big turn off.

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    • I was just sharing my experience.

      I didn't mean to offend you. Please don't take it to heart!

      Have a great day! :)

    • You say you don't want to offend or start an argument etc, but you keep insulting! Are you aware of that?

      "And yes we are different cause were the only Europeans that were born with heart" What does that even mean? And I didn't say we weren't different, but we have two things in common and that is: Family and Religion. It's the truth, whether you like it or not.

      You have no idea what you're talking about, and I'm not in a mood to educate a guy with greek/italian hubris.

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