Term Limits and Payment, Your Thoughts?

I was wondering what others thought about the idea of limiting the terms of both Congress and the Senate much as we limit the terms of the presidency as well as a change to the term limitation of the presidency. I've been thinking on this awhile and wonder your thoughts on the matter.

Basically, the Congress would be limited to three terms at max where each would be 2 years in length per term, the Senate would be limited to 2 terms at max with 3 years in length per term and the Presidency would be limited to one term of 6 years. The idea is that this would allow for far more fresh ideas to be circulated through congress and the senate instead of being stuck with the same congressmen/women and senators for decades. And the Presidency could be finally about getting things done while you're a president instead of spending an entire first term worrying about being re-elected and not doing what you promised or really intended to do. The idea is to also make it harder to bribe our politicians. With so many being circulated through it'd be harder for corporations to pay off the new politicians while keeping quiet those who are no longer a part of the government. And it would return us to the ideals our Founding Fathers set where government was a service and not a career or job.

Furthermore, to tie the government more to the middle class, it would seem best to also tie their pay to the middle class instead of letting them voting on raising the next group's pay. That is, from now on all government elected officials and the people they directly appoint will be paid no more than the mean average of all American citizens who fall between, say, the 20th and 80th percentile income range.

This is to basically encourage congress to improve the status for the middle class because it would be directly helping their own income. There'd obviously have to be some other aspects added like once an elected official is done with their service the health insurance benefits are ended (no more benefits remain for the remainder of their life) and other such things so we're not paying an obscene amount of money to more people just cause they were in government so many years before, but those are more details to be worked out.

Anyways, I was just wondering what others thought of this idea. An idea to tie the government to the middle class (because when the middle class prospers, a country prospers) and to keep fresh ideas coming into the government while making it harder for corruption to take root.
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Term Limits and Payment, Your Thoughts?
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