How did my ex boyfriend's feelings change so fast?

I was dating this guy for almost 2 years (A year and 6 months to be exact), anyways, we started drifting apart maybe the last month or so before we broke up. He broke up with me. He said he "didn't like me like that anymore." But after a few days we went right back to what we normally did. We didn't act like a couple anymore, but we talked more than we ever did. Recently he's tried to call my cellphone and my Skype (The thing is, we always Skype messaged. He NEVER called me. that's why it's strange for him.) I didn't answer because I was busy. I really like him still and were still friends. He told his friends (and mine) that he likes a new girl but he won't tell anyone what her name is. Everything he says are things that describe me. Like for example, "Brown hair, crazy; not shy, in algebra, etc." Everyone thinks its me, but I'm not so sure. I want to know if there's really any chance he might like me again.
Also, the day before he broke up with me, I saw one of my other guy friends I haven't seen in a while and we hugged. That's it and he was with me too. He said "Look man I got a hug from your girlfriend." And he was like, "You're makin' me jealous." But in like, a friendly, kidding-ish way. And then he broke up with me the next day =/ That made no sense to me either.
Yesterday, we were walking in the hallway and one of his best friends came up to me and asked me if I would ever date him again and when I asked him why he wanted to know he just said "Nothing." and walked away.

Is this a good sign? I hope it is ^w^


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  • I'm sure there's a chance. My ex and I just went through the same thing. He said that we were drifting apart so we broke up and now he can't stop talking to me. I think they just need some time to reevaluate.


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  • Could be he's just doing it to hide the fact that he's hurting.


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  • There is always a chance.. just be patient.


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