Anyone ever felt at ease now that he has left?

I feel so much at ease now that he left himself, when he was around I had this heavy feeling and I was so unsure of myself, he never gave me a clear answer on how he felt for me so I kept on for 3 years , I hoped he liked me since he kept in touch etc, than last week he gets a new gf.. I was sad for 2 days but now I feel great and that heavy feeling isn't there and I can breath and it doesn't hurt


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  • Felt at ease after moving on? Yes of course.

    After someone has left? Well I'd think it'd be better for the person irritated to leave first than to wait.


What Girls Said 1

  • That heavy feeling is like carrying around a stone in your stomach. I know exactly what you mean and so pleased that for you it is gone. Go enjoy life now and feel the lightness of life. X


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