Is this weird or normal?

Ok so yes I am 34 this is only my 2nd serious relationship. My boyfriend is 35 and we don't live together. He calls me like 5 times a day & sometimes more. He usually doesn't say much but night time is what seems weird. He will leave my house for example around 8pm and he will call me around 10 pm. He usually just tells m is layin in bed watching whatever on t.v. that's it..he doesn't really say much else but he will sit on the phone for ever until I say I'm sleepy and hang up. I feel like its a teenage thing. Its gettn annoying.


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  • It sounds like he is insecure and wants to be in touch with you in order to feel ok.

    But to check, see what happens if you ask him questions? Not just normal chit chat, but stuff that will make him have to think and take risks with his answers. Stuff about life, sex, beliefs, fears, people he admires, hopes. Stuff that 'empty' people avoid. If he comes to life and shares, then he wants to be with you but is not good at talking, if he doesn't, then it maybe he just doesn't want to be alone.


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