When is it safe/unsafe to walk alone in the evening/night?

To save money for some expected bills, I am planning to start walking to and from work.

When I start walking in the morning, it will be dark, and a couple of times a week, I will be leaving campus after 7-7:30pm. The rest will be after 4:30-5pm, which will still be dark, but it isn't late.

The walk will take about an hour.

Some people say you shouldn't walk home alone when it's dark, others say you shouldn't after a certain time. Do many people think this?

My two colleagues are male, about my age and when I tell them I'm walking home, I'm wondering whether they would be funny about it, because some are. Would they disapprove of this?

Is it only around midnight to early hours of morning when it's unsafe?

FYI, I live in a safe area. I'm in a city in England, so there aren't gang problems or anything, but obviously there are dodgey wherever you go.


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  • I never felt unsafe, anywhere and I have been in a number of ill famed places, at strange hours.

    But that's me (and my wife) Astonishingly few violent things happened to us.

    The most dangerous place to be is in your car on a highway , IMHO. But according t the statistics the place where most people die is a bed. If you really want to have the odds on our side, avoid these thus.

    You might want to google the town and "cruising area" : there's a bit of violence committed by "gay bashers" and you might get mixed up unwillingly in it.


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  • It's totally fine to walk home alone. Dark or not. If you truly feel unsafe, bring something that you can use as a weapon in case you need to use it. Pepper (unless you have pepper-spray). Spray paint. Screw driver. Lots of choices. And don't forget about a cell phone so you can call the cops.


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  • Even in places you'd consider "safe", things are bound to happen. That's why you have to be alert of your surroundings. I really wouldn't say it's safe, especially it being an hour walk. I know you want to save money, but I'd definitely recommend public transportation at least at night if it's still running in your area and you can walk in the morning if that's a choice you prefer. But, at night, it's way to riskay.

  • just depends on how aware of your surrounding you are. dark outside doesn't make it better or worse but it does make it easier for someone to pop out from behind the bushes. after bars close there are more drunk people out but that shouldn't affect you at the times you are walking.

    how many miles are you walking because that just seems like a long way to walk if it takes an hour

  • anytime you walk alone it's unsafe no matter if you're in a safe area or not because something can always happen. why not have someone walk with you?


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