He hurt me and I don't know what to do?

Usually I get over things quickly, but for some reason this has really been bugging me.

The past few days I'v been getting/been sick. And yesterday, I went over my bf's house after work, hoping to just kind of relax and not really do much as my chest/cough were bugging me and I was just plain exhausted. I'd told him before hand I was exhausted and he acknowledged it. Then when I get over his mom and little brothers(6 and 7 years old), start bugging me to go sledding. I told them I didn't really want to and then went on to say I was helping my boyfriend with his car and I didn't get anywhere so I folded and at the time my boyfriend wasn't nearby to hear or say anything on the matter. Then when they take off before he and myself, I talk to him about it, say I'm not in the mood, can he talk to his mom, etc. The answer's no and that I'd already agreed(other people/little kids are hard to say no to after you've tried several times). He hadn't wanted to go in the first place though.

Well after half an hour of hacking and feeling ready to just fall asleep and telling him that I didn't want to to this and that I was tired and not feeling that great, I broke down(being sick and tired do weird things to my emotions). And while he sort of tried to comfort me(his heart wasn't really in it), in the end when I felt bad about the breakdown(don't like being emotional), all he said was that it was a weird mood and that he didn't like me as much when I was in that mood(said half jokingly...less than 10 min after I'd collected myself).

The day had already started weird and this just didn't help and now today it's still bothering me and I don't know what to do.

Like I said, I usually let things go within an hour or so, this one though just won't leave me alone.


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  • It sounds like you are the boss/leader of the relationship and when you were weak, he wasn't able to be there for you. It also sounds like he doesn't like responsiblity.

    It maybe this bugs you because you feel less safe with him, or less respectied by him, or that it is you have lost respect for him.

  • Well he didn't listen to you, and when that happens, it makes people feel like they don't mean anything. But you are someone, and he needs to listen to you more. Hopefully he's gonna be better from now on. If you really need to get it off of your chest, let him know how much it hurt that he wasn't listening on how badly you felt. But I bet he and the kids appreciated what you did even though you felt really sick.


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