Why would he give me something from his personal collection for Christmas?

My guy friend told me last night on Skype that my Christmas gift is getting bigger by the day, lol, he keeps seeing things he thinks I might like lol. He told me my gift will be as poofy as my hair was (I had warned him lol, took a shower had to go out and it's humid and got wavy thick hair so I got a poof ball lol he was shocked lol priceless expression lol) and he told me that some of it is from his personal collection so I oughta like that (we like each other but we're just friends right now)

So why would he give me some of his personal collection (late Christmas gift lol)


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  • becasue he like you ad want you to think about him every time you see the objects.

  • Why? Seems he cares for you.


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