We are skyping for the first time

okay, so me and this guy have been talking for like 3 days(I know not long, but we really clicked, we talk all day al the time!)... he seems really into me, and I'm into him as well and he has been a real gentlemen!, so we have video chatted before on this site, we didn't talk we just typed out what we wanted to say, he was so sweet about everying, it's easy to just type it out than to 'talk talk?" so tomorrow we agreed to Skype (my idea) and he was like "yeah cool, I want to hear yoour voice"..(he's englsih is not very good, he is from alergia) :) what should we talk about?, that's really simple to say so that he understands, cause I'm already known for talking VERY VERY fast, I'm so worried!. help!


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  • Well talk slower, and talk just like you do in typing chat. Take your time, and just relax.


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