How do you tell someone you like them?

Me and this guy have been talking everyday basically all day for about 35 days.. I think that if he would talk to me all the time, he likes me. We don't really flirt but in a subtle way he does. I asked him if he was afraid of anything, he said a few things and rejection. Do you think this is why he won't come out and say anything? He told me he wants to hangout out, and I can tell by the way we talk in person he likes me. So should I make the first move? If I do should I say.. "I like you", "I like you more than a friend", "Who do you like?" , "Do you like me?" Please help!


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  • I'm not sure if this would work for you but what I did was I told the girl that there was someone I really liked and that I was afraid to tell her. She wanted to know who it was and offered today help me. I asked her if she could tell her for me but never told her who it was I kept her in suspense for a while. Then I said "she looks like this "and I held up a mirror.


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