Why would you suddenly stop saying a persons name if you like them.

I only notice because he used to say my name quite often. now its as if he's trying not to say it. he's still trying to spend time with me, but only says my name when he's really frustrated and wants me to listen.

any ideas? I make a point of saying is name w.e we meet. 1. because I like to. and 2. to remind him its nice to say someones name. it creates a feeling of familiarity.

i don't really keep tabs on whether friends say my name, but then they always do.

i know he likes me. so why won't he say my name.


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  • I see that you know a few things about psychology,but the other thing about psychology is,it can be easily manipulated.

    Secondly,just like girls often do,I think you are looking wayyy too into this.Your assumptions are similiar to thinking,"if a guy is truly interested in me,his pupils will dialate."This however is true,but there are conditions to it like,maybe the sun is in his eyes causing his pupils to retract.Does that mean he suddenly isn't interested?Or...if a guys pupils do dialate,its possible he is in a dimly lit area and my not be interested in you at all. Its totally conditional.

    Also,if you are not interested in him romatically,why do you care so much whether or not he is saying your name?Why is it that substantial?Your mindset is not like everyone elses,nor do I feel like the same aspects of psychology applies to everyone...because everyone is different.

    You're looking way too into this.If he stops wanting to phyiscally be around you,that seems like a greater concern.


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  • Who knows why don't you just ask him. I am sure it is nothing serious.

  • Something must have happened. Ask him.

  • because he's losing interest.. your falling into the friend zone. Almost impossible to get out off. Id make a move quick time if you like him

    • i don't see why id make a move if he was 'losing ' interest. that's sort of pathetic. why would I make a move on someone who is losing interest?

      in the event that's not the reason? I mean even just as a friend its odd to not ever say my name.

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    • if you really think someone is not intersted in u, there's no reason to go after them. its like begging.

      anyways if you are not interested in the question, there was no reason for you to answer.

      psychologically not acknowledging a persons identity is significant. If you don't think so. don't answer such questions.

    • hes playing mind games with you.. pretending too lose interest when really he wants you to come to him.. chief manipulator!

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