How do I get my ex girlfriend to stop stalking me?

I broke up with her after a year of being with her, just didn't feel right that kinda thing,

I'm kinda regretting that I managed to do it peacefully though, we were still friends and it wasn't messy or owt, she was upset but she understood, well that's what she said anyway.

Since then she's been stalking me, EVERY picture I comment on, friend I add or comment I make on Facebook she will like and comment, she even added my new college mates to talk about me.

She texts me every week or so to ask how I'm doing and awkwardly bring up my love life.

Annoyingly for me I haven't had anyone since her and this was a year ago I think she still assumes I like her, do I just block her?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Block + delete + ignore. Works every time. Do NOT acknowledge her existence at all. This will only give her reason to continue.

    • seems kinda harsh saying that she hasn't done anything "wrong" but I suppose your right

    • You can resume contact if she stops stalking you. This is definitely the best method to get it to stop though.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Cut her out of your life,being 'friends' clearly isn't working so block her and ignore her,she'll probably end up hating you but at least she won't stalk you.

    Or you could just talk to her about it,be nice but stern.Give her a chance to change if you value her friendship.

  • delete her from all social networks... block her phone#

    you don't owe her any explanation.


What Guys Said 1

  • Why don't you just meet up with her and give her a real closure? Or tell her how you feel? She has the right to know why you left her you know. Be nice with her once she get's it you no longer want her she can turn her feelings around and move on.

    I have a feeling you like the chase or ells you would be giving her a real chance to move on.

    • Assuming that's what you want.

    • i told her at the time, and no I'm not into the chase at all, I find it tedious. and I don't have a clue what you mean "give her a real chance to move on"... I've not seen her in person for a YEAR I'm not remotely stopping her from moving on, its all on her lol

    • Ok well that's the thing, have you seen her at all after the break-up? If not then see her and talk to her if it's safe for you to do so, it will help her to move on and leave you alone if that is what you want. She is stuck right now because you are not giving her what she needs, a proper end or taking back, but since you don’t want to take her back at least give her a proper ending, one that can help her move on.

      In her mind it hasn’t probably ended yet.

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