How can you pick up girls on New Year's Eve?

How can you pick up a girl on New Years Eve, how do you start a conversation with a girl that you never met before and won;t know after the night? Any help?


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  • Most girls will be with a friend or with parents.

    Not the ideal constellation to pick them up, I'd say.


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  • You're under 18... Usually on new years girls are just more down to hook up (nothing like starting the year off right with a fresh case of gonorrhoea and clamidia in the same night) so its easier to pick them up at the bar/ in the club/ at parties but since you can't do either of the first 2 I suggest finding a new years party and hitting that up if you're looking for one night stands.

    • Ya but I have a fake ID so it might work

  • I'll be asleep at midnight, but if I'm in the mall or grocery store and I see a lady I want to know about, I say something like "Hi, I saw you earlier as I passed by and I wanted to introduce before I left; my name is Anthony, what's yours"? Filler Filler Filler "Say, do you like coffee? why don't you give me your number and we'll go out sometime". I just asked a "10" out today; she was involved but I'm glad I asked.


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