Should I even bother talking to her after the holidays?

There is this girl in Uni that I found attractive since the first year, now we are both in third. You might wonder why I suddenly got interested now...well, I had a girlfriend the first to years and I don't really like cheating. Before this year started, I decided that I would finally talk to her or at least get to know her somehow. I don't know if she is interested back, but I think she'd like to meet me. Some times, she looks back and slightly smiles. While we never spoke, we are Facebook friends and she even wished me 'happy birthday fellow scientist' in summer, before lectures started. She had her birthday 8 days after mine, so I decided to return the favor in a more special way: I sent her a wish via personal message, asking her how come we never spoke, to which she jokingly replied that I shouldn't worry about that because she can see both of us struggling with Physics school for years. I took that as positive and was more determined to talk to her than ever when we would start.

Of course, I didn't. I chickened out. One of my friends even overheard her saying to her friends 'this is the guy who texted me on FB' one day I was leaving the lecture hall. I wasn't feeling very confident that period because of many things in my life. Now I thought that I could finally do the deed after Christmas holidays, but she will most likely have been bored with me. Do you think I should even try? She seems sweet but I don't know how much she puts up with stupidity.


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  • I think you should take the risk and reach out. She may not have liked that you haven't contacted her up until now, but if you do and you stay consistant with it, it will get to the point where that doesn't matter. You'll never know unless you try, and do you really want to spend any more time wondering? Good luck!


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