Can I contact my ex without hurting my situation?

If you've read any of my questions, you'll know I'm in a difficult situation with an ex.

Our break up was very sudden. I haven't spoken to him, except one text from each of us on Christmas, in over a month. I'd like to get back in touch with him in about a week, but I'm not sure if this is a smart idea or how to do so without hurting my situation.

I have concert tickets for the end of January that I planned on giving him for Christmas, but we broke up a month before and I didn't get the chance.

I don't think he's really over the situation and I'm almost positive he still loves me under all the pain and hurting he's feeling.

We go to the same college, so once we get back from winter break on January seventh, would it be stupid to see if he wants to grab coffee or something?

I want to salvage this so badly, but I'm afraid he's too stubborn to contact me first.


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  • Are you saying you'd like to get back together with him? Or you just want to keep in contact with him?

    • I would like to get back together with him at some point. It's obviously not going to happen over night, but I do want to be with him still. Which is impossible if we're not speaking. He said he didn't want to cut me out of his life, but I said I needed to heal before I could be friends with him. But he hasn't tried to talk to me at all, unless I said something first.

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