How do I Close This 2012 Chapter?

In 2012 my ex broke my heart which resulted in one of the worst years ever for me but I got over her and haven't spoken to her in over 4 months. While I was pursuing her she told me she didn't want a relationship with anyone and wasn't planning on it but all of a sudden she had met some guy who was supposedly so great and so forth.

Since then, they're together. But I still haven't deleted her or her mother from my Facebook (both very quietly mean people) because I want them to see how much better I've been doing. But lately, I've been having feelings about her. Like, I regret getting with her. I lost my virginity to her and she lost hers to me and I just regret it. Wish it was to someone else.

Now, someone who was so low down will be tied to my first time forever. Also, while I miss her, I don't want her back after how she played with my heart but I want to know.. why am I thinking about her? I can't stand her, her mother or her father.

As a matter of fact, after a trip with her new boyfriend she felt the need to inbox me because she wanted to "all of a sudden" get her stuff when I begged her for months to remove it. So yea, there's a rundown. Answer please. Thanks. And Happy New Year.


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  • bro..I feel ya man... this was almost literally the same situation with my ex.. honestly, you may not want to be with her but you still will have feelings for her, she was your first... almost every guy remembers their first.. it takes a good while to gt over her, the best thing you can do is to just delete her and remove her 100% from your life. I learned that the hard way (unlucky enough to be seated alphabetical... I'm a p, she's a q). and you'll also find it easier if you can get another girlfriend. once you've found someone else, it's so much easier to completely detach your old feelings. -hope this helps

    • Thanks for answering and understanding my situation. You're right. I'm going to go ahead and delete her completely out of my life. She did me wrong how she toyed with my heart but that is something she will have to deal with, not me. I've already been tormented enough by her and I'm happy to say it's over and I won't let it happen in this New Year! Thanks again man.

    • No problem, glad to help someone through it.

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  • I get sad when I read stuff like this because I hate thinking of a guy being so sad. I also hate when a girl is in a relationship just for sex, it makes us look bad despite what they may think. I hope you get over her. Try doing things you enjoy, like with your friends or something, to get your mind off her. Going out with your friends on a "just guys night" might help too. I wish I could help more. Not ALL women are sex obssessed jerks!

    • just by posting you helped. Thanks a lot for even responding because I know a lot of people looked and kept scrolling. Yes, it sucks but it's life. And so far I've learned to deal with it. While I loved her tremendously and begged her to stay, it was like a huge relief when she finally left and quit playing games. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It's just hard getting adjusted to everything. I just had my first Christmas without being in a relationship in over 4 years and so forth.

    • Well I'm glad your doing better :) It still makes me mad though if all a women cares about is sex in a relationship. It makes us look pervy or something like that

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  • dont be mad at her for moving on. it didn't work out. stop caring what she or her mom think about you. by trying to show them anything your only hundering your ability to move on. don't dwell on it. delete them all from fb if it helps. the only thing that stops someone from moving on is themselves

    • I'm not mad at her for moving on. I have animosity towars her for how she treated me, there's a difference. She played with my heart for months until she graduated and decided to distance herself so she can get further and further away from me. She can move on all day, you just don't play with people emotions like that. But I will delete her.

  • you should get over all the drama and follow the footsteps of your Savior Jesus Christ

    • Great answer. I'm working on getting closer to God but it's a process. Thanks for your answer.

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