Why do many guys and girls seem to miss the fact that they communicate differently?

Men and women have different forms of communication and understanding of the world. I see so many fail to understand that and I've seen the ability (or lack thereof) make or break a great many relationships. I learned to attempt to bridge that gap and bring these parallel forms of communication together into a mutual understanding of one another and it's been a gift from heaven in my relationships.

So here's the big question: why do women expect men to communicate like them and vice versa- when we don't?

Here's an example: link
Let me rephrase the question a little bit, so that my question can be more easily perceived in the way that I intended: Given the differences in communication of men and women and its negative consequences in relationships, why is this important issue ignored in a great many cases, causing rapid deterioration of what may have began as a strong relationship with potetial?


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  • That's a really good article you have there. It's just interesting that you are asking this question considering the fact that you have the right answer in your article... I guess you are just here for some points... :P

    • Thanks. I'm just interested in why these points are blatently ignored in a great many cases. As I stated, I have seen many a relationship rapidly deteriorate as a result of refusing to understand the differences in communication and work to bridge the gap.

    • Oh yes, I understand now... That is true, people just doesn't seem to get it. In fact it seems like they don't want to get it for some reason.

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  • i wish a girl would talk to me

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    • Haha very funny I've seen that vid but it doesn't quite answer my question

    • The best piece of advice my dad ever gave to me is as follows: "Women have no idea what they want. Even when they are so sure of what they want, they really have no idea. The best way to communicate with a woman is to just play along until she figures out what she wants. Don't yes her to death, stand up for yourself and don't let her push you around either. But most of all, don't play into the game. Don't fall victim to being replaced, played, and left looking foolish".

    • Heard that one many times before and tried it. You get accused of so much crap that way.

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