Need a book about men brains

my ex doesn't text me.. break up about 10 days in now

he wishes me merry Christmas and happy new years..

doesn't text me but when I text him, he replies. Every time I update my photo, he updates his.

polite and says nice things sometimes and sometimes he's dull



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  • Not much to be confused about here, seems he's just trying to still be a friend.

    • but he knows I want a relationship with him

    • Does he know from you telling him? That'd be the thing to do, to resolve how to go from here.

      Otherwise, you're gonna be hurting from all his contact.

    • He knows I miss him and love him

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What Guys Said 2

  • A books all you need huh? mmmm good luck with that...

  • "Beyond The Love Game" by Robert Scheid. If you can read it open mindedly, without judgement it will help you out when it comes to life and relationships. Get a cheap used copy from Amazon. Its a good book and has helped a ton of people I know.


What Girls Said 2

  • no book needed - they don't have any ;)

    jk. maybe you need to talk to him.

    do you want to get back together with him? if so, try to talk to him

    if not, quit contact all together.

    • he knows I love him and wants to be with him

    • true about the book though lol

    • just talk to him about it! the worst thing has already happened : you already broke up.

      can only go up from there, right?

  • I think you should stop making an effort and stop contacting him. If he wants you back, he will come back. You are making it too easy. Why did you break up and who did the breaking?


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