How should I deal with this girl?

So me and this girl have known each other for a while. Ever since I asked her out months ago she turned into somewhat of a bitch. There are days when we will stand each other and actually have a great time talking while others she is just in a bitchy mood only towards me. I try to be friendly but she gets annoyed and irritated so I stop talking to het and after a while she will start "talking" and "engaging" and when I don't want to hear it, she gets mad at me and calls me a jerk.

Yestarday she was being difficult so I just stopped talking to her. Then today she is all "happy new year" and I respond in kind but with a "whatever" attitude and she goes off and tells me what I jerk I am and how I seem to enjoy making her feel bad etc.

Im tired of dealing with her, its like she expecta me to take whatever she dishes out, name calling, being made fun of and jerky attitude but the minute I get tired of it and stop talking, I turn into the jerk. What should I do?


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  • It's best that you ignore her advances.

    She's so fickle, and those who possess her attitude usually the ones who causes the everyday dramas in their relationship.

    You're better off with women who really genuinely cares for you and your feelings.

    There's a lot of them out there, and it's your job to walk up and have a great time with them.


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