He admitted that he liked me....do I tell him I never liked him or say nothing?

I am currently dating a guy named Steve. Another guy, whom I have no interest in is named Joe. I have thought that Joe liked me for a while but I was into Steve and Steve and I recently got together in the fall.

Joe just told me that he used to like me (honestly I think he still does though) in the spring, summer and fall. His actions suggest he still likes me.

Joe and Steve know each other and Joe knows Steve and I are a thing.

Joe said he regrets not telling me, he didn't tell me because he was afraid of how I would respond... Do I tell him I how I would have responded or kind of leave it as is? I would not have gone out with him had he asked me... but I feel like telling him that would be rubbing salt on an open wound.

So do I say nothing or tell him the truth...?


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  • You don't need to make it worse on him, just say only saw him as a friend all along.


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  • You should just tell him how you feel or how you would have handled it if he were to have told you. Do. It sincerely and if you didn't see him as boyfriend material tell him it just wouldn't have worked out. However that would be a situation if he asked what you would have said or you feel about him. If he doesn't keep trying to talk to you about his feelings towards you though, you should just leave it as is.


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  • say" I'm not interested" or "I only see you as a friend"


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