My boyfriend wants to go on a lads holiday.

I have been with my boyfriend for about eight months, he has just told me he is going on holiday with his friends. I do trust him, but the majority of the males going are single and the main one that is organizing it is known for putting it about a bit, I am not overly keen on him...I am especially annoyed that his friends has named the event as 'guys with girlfriends if you have got a set of balls, come have a laugh and get away from all the stress and nagging of your girlfriends etc etc' I think it is pretty disrespectful.

Ive heard the whole ' what happens on a lads holiday, stays on a lads holiday' fair enough, if you want to go on a lads holiday to relax and 'soak up the sun' as he puts it, why go to Aiya Napa? I am usually pretty reasonable with this kind of stuff but he's overly jealous towards me so why should I trust that he is not going to do the dirty when he's around his single mates?

He also gets really over jealous of my male friends and I know if I was going on a girls holiday it would be a totally different ball game and he wouldn't like it one bit! am I right to be paranoid, would you like your boyfriend to go girls?


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  • Hanging with his guy friends, I see no problem there. Sure the title of it is not cool for you, but it must be just teasing...


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