Should I go see her, call her, or move on? Its been two years.

Around 4 years ago there's this girl I met at my old job. I didn't really get to know her well the first year but the second year(my last year working there, hers as well) we had the same shift and started talking and became really good friends. We hung out all the time and we even took two trips together. Well after about 2 months of quitting my old job, things started to downhill for me, got in a really bad car wreck, family issues causing my uncle and his two sons to live with my parents for a while. Because of this I ended up moving in brother across the country and I pretty much lost contact with all my friends. Fast forward two years later I'm back home, I have a job, new phone and car, and my uncle is back on his feet again and no longer living with my parents. With everything back in order for me I decided to hit up all of my close friends that I left behind except for the girl that I worked with. I ended up stopping by my old job to say hey to the people that were still there and they mentioned that the girl I worked with still stops by on occasion and she even asked if I had stopped by a few times. When I got back home with this info I went through my old stuff and pulled out my old phone and pulled her number and called her. It went to voice mail and I was going to leave a message but I don't know what stopped me but I just panicked and hung up. I though to myself its been two years since I heard from her. She's probably got new friends and a different life now. With my other friends I feel its a bit different just because most of those friends I've known since I was a child. This girl I really only knew for a year but we got along so well and I'm pretty sure even if she welcomed me back into her life I know things wouldn't go back to the way they were before and I would be okay with that, I'm just not sure how to approach this. Its been on my mind the past couple days and I feel like a creep honestly. So just Looking for some advice on what I should do or any one care to share a similar story? Thanks for reading

Oh and just to be clear I like her just as a friend


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  • It's best that you meet her for a face-to-face communication.

    All the years that you've been gone away from her can really cause a great downhill slide of attraction. If you want to reignite it, create memories with her again now or tomorrow.

    Don't let this opportunity go away or she will just view you as a former co-worker.


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