Doesn't it seem like real people get the short end of the stick?

The people that aren't fake I'm saying. Fake people are always out having a fun time, seem to have a ton of friends, have no problem getting dates, but the people that stay real and true to themselves often have a much harder time in these areas. Dare I say that they are even perceived as social outcasts? When will it change? Some of the nicest people out there are the most lonely and most deserving of someone great.
Not to mention sober people! People who drink a lot and do drugs are always getting dates and finding relationships too.


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  • Becase only the rich can get away with taking drugs and alochol for long without becoming as you say, social outcasts.

    By real peoploe, yoou mean those without a lot of money, who can't flash a lot of cash and hot cars. Yes, those people tend to be outcasts in our society, don't have a lot of friends or significant others.

    Dare I say, though, taht their relationships tend to be durable and long-lasting, compared to fake people!

    Yes, in the USA most of the women belong to the fake guys with cash. That is news to you?

    In every way, the rest of us get discriminated against, but we do have compensation, since our relationships are also REAL, the fake people rarely have REAL friends, REAL significant others.

    • But I'm not poor. Technically you could say I am since I'm a college student working a minimum wage job at this current time but in time I should be upper middle class at least. I plan on getting a good job in the next couple years and should only continue to move up. But I will not regress to the ways of most people. Hearing so many people throw the term around "bro" gives me a headache. It's just a minute thing I know but it's something I just can't even bring myself to say. It feels so fake.

    • That's just an example. I simply want to be myself, say what I want, when I want, act the way I would naturally act in all situations, be it happy, mad, sad, angry, shy... I just see it as being human. Why should I conform to society and the way they act? But why do I feel like I have to in order to even attract a good looking girl? All I've ever attracted are below average girls and I'm good looking.

    • Yes, it's true, the US is actually such a conformist society, just the opposite of our self-image. I mean, we have every kind of pervert,but no toleration for people who just have a different way of expressing themselves and different opinions.

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  • I disagree. I think people are just naturally attracted to fun, uninhibited people that are doing things to be happy. The people you're talking about are normally shy and reserved, which are basically ways of saying that they care too much about what people think and get hypersensitive around others. That's not being true to yourself, that's allowing yourself to be controlled. No one naturally enjoys people like that, because you never even get the chance to see if they're nice or not.


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  • U can be REAL and have a good time. but I have the same problem, being TOO real is where you can trip and fall. If you enjoy something just keep enjoying it I guess

  • I don't think much of what makes a person's personality is inherent.

  • The fact that you think people having fun are "fake" says more about you, than anything else.

    You're so socially inept that the idea that sincere people can have fun is literally inconceivable to you. They have fun, ergo, they must be fake.

    What a sad life you must lead.

    • That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm talking about all of the "fun" people that rely on the use of substances and that all seem to have the same personalities and walk and talk a specific way because it's supposed to be cool. There's more to it than fun automatically equaling fake.

  • What makes you think that there aren't a lot of real, genuine people who are out having a fun time as well? I do understand what you're saying, but nobody wants to be around somebody who they don't perceive as being 'fun' or in some way enhancing their quality of life.


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