What can I do? please help

Gonna try and make a long story short here. Started hooking up with one of my neighbors casually for like a week. Then he decided to stop responding to my texts almost 3 weeks ago. I haven't texted him since Christmas and just wished him a Merry Christmas. We live literally 5 steps away from each other. I haven't run into him yet.

So yeah I've already been told "oh he just used you, you should just forget him and move on". Its not that simple when we live a few seconds away from each other. I really thought everything was going good and I thought he was interested in me. I wasn't even expecting a relationship from him but maybe he thought I wanted one? I just wish I could talk with him and clear things up. What should I do?


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  • its a little hard to tell from the story, but one of three things happened, but they all have the same course of action to solve. So either 1)he used you because he is a douche 2)he found a different chick he likes or 3)he is sick of you over texting his ass and bugging him...so here is what you do...stop texting or calling or bumping into him...just stop...if he digs you AT ALL you will hear from him...if not, f*** him, he is a d*** that gives us good guys a bad name.

    Good Luck

    • im just really confused because he was the first one to text me and he usually texted me first that week. and I don't know why he would get sick of me texting him because I've only texted him at most 3 times since the last time we hung out and that was almost 3 weeks ago. haven't seen or "bumped into" him since.

    • I have other options... but he's the guy I can't stop thinking about and its driving me up the wall.

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  • Maybe put a note in his mailbox or something. Just tell him that all you want is for him to clarify what the situation between you two is, so that you can know whether to move on or wait for him or whatever.


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