How can I apply feng shui to my room and still have my favorite color?

I have not changed the decor of my room in over 6 years. I want to be productive and create a space that expresses who I am now. I really want to apply the principles of Feng Shui to my room because I really love how balanced homes look when decorated by these principles.

By doing a little research I found that my birth Element is Water, and my Kua element is Metal. And it turns out my room is in the part of the house strongest in these elements (North West). that's really good for my elements, but I have a problem, my favorite color is green, a strong Earth color.

I would really like green to be the main color of my new room decor, but I would also like to follow the rules of Feng Shui. Can anyone give suggestions of how I can use my favorite color as my main.color for the room, yet keep balance and nurture my Elements?


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  • According to this article ( link ) on About (I did a small bit of research to give me a better understanding for myself. I'm Wood, Ox, and 9...not sure yet of color. Lol. Not sure whether I'll apply it yet or not.)

    "Another piece of advice? Do not put too much emphasis on it, and I mean neither disregard the feng shui Kua number info nor make your life depend on it. Find a nice, intelligent and comfortable balance.

    It is energy, and it is in constant motion, as you know. Just make the best of it at all times. "

    I assume it applies to any of Feng Shui in general. It's meant to give you comfort, direction, and good overall balance. No need to over think it.

    Also, I found this one interesting: link

    Both have hyperlinks in them with extended information.

    • I'm not a bery supersitious person but a lot of the rules in Feng Shui decor make a lot of sense. XD I really agree that colors in a bed room should be soft and not to strong to support relaxation. As far as my Bagua and Kua elements I just think it would to use the colors associated with them to add a little more depht to my new decor. Green, especially my favorite shade can be very over powering and loud for a place I want to relax in! >_<

    • My fave shade is like a pastel olive one. It's got a very slight hint more of blue than olive though. I actually had a dream last night and I had a different home. It was very gorgeous yet basic. Between the living room and kitchen was a partial wall divider/ to that shade of green and it was like a grid of window panes. I actually kind of fell in love with the idea. Brilliant idea. If I get the chance to incorporate it one day into an ideal home, I plan to.

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  • I'd get an aquarium..have a green decor in it, with silver, metal-colored fish..and there you have your water!

  • I am sure you can mail-order a Feng Shui from China.


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  • Well, green is a great color, because it can very easily complement blue. Besides, if you want your room to be balanced, adding other elements to your color scheme and other factors can benefit you.

    Earth is a grounding element, so I might suggest a green carpet or rug.

    You can also incorporate green by getting things like are greenish blue. Elements are not meant to be on their own, but put to work with the other elements. Just do so wisely.

    Water and earth are both relatively calm elements, whereas fire and air are more erratic. So using both green and blue in a bedroom can naturally create a very nurturing, calming atmosphere without disturbing the balance of Feng Shui.

  • You could get blue-green stuff.

  • awesome! I have a book on Feng shui, I will look up what it says about colors, I would like to design my room this way as well:) How can I find out my birth and kua elements? My birth day is may 5, 1992

    • greens and blues are more yin. red,orange, and bright yellow, more yang... so maybe add more yang colors to balance out the green? ...still reading..:)

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    • I can tell you that since you were born after Feburary 4, 1992, your birth element is Water, like me. :) But your Kua number will be different so your secondary element will be different then mine.

    • On second inspection your elements are the same as mine. :) birth element Water, kua element Metal.

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