How do I start a conversation with this half stranger?

There is this guy who goes to my church who I have had a crush on for a little while. We have never exchanged words, technically. My church had a new years eve service to ring in the new year. My family and I sat on our usual side and he and his friends say on the opposite side. At some time during the service my eyes wandered in his direction and I got a bit ballsy. I just stared, smiling at him not caring if he or anyone saw. He eventually looked at me and I mouthed 'hi' to him. He moved behind one of his friends and mouthed 'hi' back to me. This would be our first exchange. And it wen on like this, the back and forth hi for a little bit, 2 minutes. So service ends and it is new years day and as I am walking out to the family car I think he wishes me happy new year. So. I would love to go past the coy pleasantries. How do I we go farther than this?


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  • "Hey, how are you?" That would be the best opener I have with "half" strangers.

    However, the opener isn't the most important thing rather transitioning to deep, fun conversation is important. So to say, it would be best that after you've said your opener, talk about whatever is around you. "Oh that kid over there, he resembles my childhood when I went and act bla bla bla." That would also make him open up to you, and the chips would fall into places. Things might prove rewarding for you. Good luck.

  • after the service come up to him and say "thank god that's over, church is so f*cking boring" then let the conversation go from there.


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