One night stand with brothers

okay, about 11 years ago I met a group of people and in time I started dating one of them and after two years I ended it but still stayed friends with them all.

anyhow 4 years ago I slept with one of them, this is brother one lets call him mike, we both got really drunk and things just happened but the morning after he started to tell me about this girl he had been dating which I knew nothing about. funny thing was this didn't upset me what did was founding out his brother lets call him Matt had had feels for me for over 5 years and couldn't say anything cos he was friends with my ex. I had always been closer to him then anyone else and never had feelings of love or anything for him, in time on a night out matt told me his feels I then knew what a mistake I have made, I really didn't want to hurt him but I ended up telling him about that night with his brother mike. 5mins after I told him he said he didn't care and asked me on a date, on the night of the date I didn't go! I didn't want to come between two brothers so in the end we stopped talking for a year.

so about a year ago we met up where he ended up sleeping with one of my friends which made me feel like...:( 2 months after that I told him how upset it made me and he said well he did it to hurt me...cos he wanted to be with me so badly.

anyhow me and Matt went on 3/4 dates and ended up sleeping together and sadly the day after he said he couldn't do it to mike his (brother)

we don't see much of each-other anymore and that's cos of me, but he texts me and even if I'm seeing someone new and trying to move he stops me.

he does say all he wants his to be friends but I can't dot that anymore.

Can anyone help me?


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  • You should always seek what you deem is your happiness.

    If you can't be friends with him anymore and wants to move on, then do so.

    You should keep distance from them and avoid communication. Never initiate anything with them from going to parties, hanging out, or even calling/texting them.

    • thing is tho, I do want to be with Matt! he's like the other half of me. "silly I know"

      I can understand why he's upset with me sleeping with his brother years ago but it was years ago! one min he'll say he wants to be friends the next he wants to be with me and doesn't care what other people may think.

      Ive told him its friends that's it cos I don't want to be messed around but all he seems to do is want me one min then runs.

      Do you think I should just walk away and that he's just playing games?

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