He gave me Lingerie for Christmas...

I know this may sound really ungrateful but I'm having a hard time wrestling with this...

My boyfriend (of three years) gave me lingerie for Christmas. The thing is, this wouldn't upset me if it was Valentine's Day or something of that sort, but Christmas? What was worse is that he got me to open it in front of his family in Christmas Day. AWKWARD!

This gift makes me feel really cheap and something that was completely thoughtless on his behalf.

During the Christmas season I am all about giving over receiving. I love the Christmas spirit and its all about spending time with the family but this has really thrown me off.

I feel like it's more of a gift for him than a gift for me. Every time I still think about it, I want to cry.

Girls do you feel the same or am I just overreacting?
Today I returned the Lingerie. It just wasn't me and I felt anything but sexy in it.

He understood :)


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  • If you're that upset about it, you don't need to ask us if it's understandable. :) It's obvious he did something wrong just by the fact that you feel like crying.

    For the record, I'd be upset too. I think you're absolutely right to feel this way.


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  • Could it be a way of showing the nature of your relationship to his family?

    Could it be a way of telling them (and you) he's not ashamed about the intimate bond existing between you two?

    • Maybe I'm a prude but it's not something I want to openly talk about/share with the boyfriends parents!

    • I didn't say it was the good way to do it, I just guessed what might have inspired him to do it .

    • That's a fair point. Thank you :)

  • Stop crying, just wear it for him and show him a good time.


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  • I don't think it was bad that he got it for you. Lots of guys think that women enjoy lingerie for ourselves, not just for him. I'd personally love a gift like that since I never want to spend the money on the nice stuff myself, and I love feeling attractive in stuff like that. Whether my boy is there or not. Was is slutty-er lingerie? Or more classy, Victoria's secret nighty type lingerie? That being said, giving it to you in front of your family was a little off. That would be more awkward.

    • It was the slutty kind. Fishnet stockings and the straps to hold them up as well...

    • oooo that's entirely different. Seems more like a gift for him.

  • No I deff feel the same it Christmas and he giving you something that should be shared only between you and him. His family do not need to know what you two do in the bedroom or what you be wearing in the at of it.

    That something that should be private he wasn't thinking how you may feel. I would be so uncomfortable. That can be a gift for both of you more for him tho.

    He should of at least have you open it when your alone or just with him.

    Just talk to him how you felt so he aware to not do that in front of his family.

  • i'd be really embarrassed if he had me open it in front of his family. I would probably get mad at him later. I personally think that something like that should only be opened when you and your boyfriend are alone.