How to deal with heartbreak of a guy that doesn't like me anymore?

knew this guy for 2-3 years. just started liking him back in the summer. we would hangout alot..text, etc. he wanted to hangout on new years eve but I had plans and he said he wanted to kiss me.

see online that he and his brother hang out with some gurls, drinking/goofing around.

texted him the next day and we were supposed to hangout today.

he basically texts me today that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore, and that he's talking to someone else...hes known this for only TWO days. he thought our relationship was going too slow (prob Because I didn't have sex with him but he says it was that I had previously liked his brother) and that he doesn't like me enough to have me as a girlfriend.

im heartbroken. how to deal with this? we had a friendship and I liked him. this really hurts...i wish we could still be friends but I would still want to kiss dumbfounded


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  • It's hard to change a guy's feelings when he says that he's not interested in you anymore.

    My best best is to give him distance, avoid communication or contact with him, and don't ever initiate things/activities with him involved in it. It's best to move on, my friend.


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  • To get over someone get under someone else ;)

  • Honestly this sounds stupid and not helpful but the only thing that can really help is time. I mean you never truly forget someone that you've loved, you just eventually view them in a different light and capacity as before. Just focus on improving yourself in every capacity and that will make your self-worth better and will radiate to others and make you more desirable.


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