Guys, what's something that a girl could say to you that would keep her on your mind?

What's something that a teenage girl could say or ask a guy during a conversation to keep her on his mind and make him want to talk to her again?


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  • "I like you." -> This will let you stay on his mind for a long time.

    "You're so handsome/attractive/sexy." -> Big ego-booster, and will keep him thinking of you every single time.

    "How bout you come to my bedroom tonight? My whole family will be out." And a wink.

    That should definitely seal your place in is mind.

    • What about if you don't know the guy that well yet but want to get to know him better?

    • Striking up a conversation with him will be the best. He'll cherish the moment he spent talking with you. And that should give you an idea about him and will know him a better.

      You will know nothing about him if you just play those staring from distance games.

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