How do I know if he's creeped out now?

I've been seeing this guy for about 10 months. We are not bf/gf. Anyway, the other night we went out for my birthday and after had sex. During sex I dropped the "L" word. He didn't say it back, didn't say anything. Afterward we were cuddling and he very matter of factly said "you dropped the L word." I didn't know what to think so I just said I was sorry. He said it was OK. I felt awkward so I just rolled over and went to sleep. How do I know if he's creeped out or kind of upset I said it? I have no idea if he feels the same but I would assume if he did he would have said something. Do I bring it up or let it go?


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  • You should NOT have apologized...he wanted to talk about it!

    Do you love him? Or did it just come out? My ex dropped the L word during sex, which surprised me, and he later told me he really meant he loved spending time with me.


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