Where did I go wrong?

So this guy messaged me about 2 months ago on fb because we were both moving to the same city to attenf the same university for a BSc. We talked for the past 2 months, he was always calling me beautiful, starting conversations (and vice versa) and saying how he wants to get to know me, gave me his number and was flirty etc. This past few weeks have been weird...?

On the 24th he left me a voice message telling me hello and wishing me merry Christmas. I couldn't hear it because of my stupid phone and told him he should call me if he wanted to since it was easier. No response until I wished him merry Xmas the next day. He said "OK. :) Merry Christmas!" and I didn't not respond after because I had Xmas dinner.

Than 2 days later he send me a fb message asking how my Christmas was. I was cooking/left my fb up but I didn't see it until 3 days later and I told him "it was nice, hope he had a good Xmas etc and that I was deleting fb because I was bored of it and that he had my number if he wanted to talk to me more."

Send him 'happy new years' message...no response and 8 days later told him "hey we haven't spoken in a while how are things?" and no response...

Where did I go wrong? Did I say something? DId I not say enough?

any advice?!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think it's because you haven't responded immediately to his advances (messages/texts) and guys takes this as a hint that a girl is uninterested in them.
    Also, maybe perhaps you haven't shown that you're interested in him so he must be thinking that you're seeing someone else already, thus doesn't return your texts/messages as well.

    • Typically he will take 3-6 days to respond to me which makes me also wonder...

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What Guys Said 2

  • It's because you haven't returned his messages/texts instantly. This annoys a lot of guys, and it feels like they are the lowest priority for the girl. It can also hint that they are seeing someone else.

  • He's trying to look important so that if things don't pan out, he can make you look stupid and come out of this all clean. He had his ego hurt that you didn't get back to him in the beginning.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like you didn't do anything wrong, just don't contact him until he contacts you and you may want to ignore it and text or call back and say you were busy, like tell him your studying or out at dinner or something and couldn't talk, and side note guys don't like girls who are always free to tlk to them or go out, make him work a lik for his time.


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