Is it a good thing or bad thing when a girl calls a guy cute?

Last night I showed a girl on here, a picture of my face, Since I knew I would never meet her it didn't bother me. I waited for a response and was really shocked when she said I was so cute and I looked sweet. Now I'm skeptical because well I don't believe I am quote on quote ''cute'' heck not even average slightly below average. Anyways I don't know if she meant it as a good thing or was just being nice? by the way I'm 5 foot 11 is that short?
  • Yes its always a good thing when a girl calls a guy cute
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  • No they just say that to be nice and don't mean it
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Well the girl who said I was cute on here decided to block me wtf?


Most Helpful Girl

  • When I say a guy is cute, that's my way of saying that I am physically attracted to him. So I would say that a good thing!


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would take it as a compliment, she also said you looked sweet. That means she thinks you have a gentle looking face or gentle eyes, and that's a great thing. So don't be so down on yourself. :)

    • Just curious why is your pic sideways?

    • I actually have no idea, that's just the way it uploaded... :}

    • No problem.

  • Well I also think it depends on how the girl perceives you. When I call a guy cute it's because I think he's good looking or has an innocent type of look to him.


What Guys Said 2

  • is never a bad thing. even if she might not be showing interest at least she thinks you are attractive. and is OK to be a little skeptical since is hard to tell if a person in lying through typing but still there is no reason for pessimism. and no, I think 5' 11" is considered above average

  • ive been called and confused by that before id like to know too... I guess ill just vote yes to see

    • Yeah I feel the same way. I mean I thank any girl who calls me cute, but I keep thinking does she really mean it?

    • Okay, well if a girl calls you cute and sweet she likes you but, doesn't want to say it in a weird way trust me, I know these things because I'm a girl myself! :)

      -Me! :D

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