She knows that I like her: Now What?

I really like this girl in this store. I go in there almost every day. We have been chatting for a while now, but have known of each other for a lot longer.

Before what I just found out, this was going on:

She will act very compulsive when I'm around like acting weird. She doesn't always look me in the eye except when she talks to me, and when we are talking,she just carries on, turning her back to me to reach for something, all the while talking to me quite happily.

Then when I see her the next time, she totally blanks me, I have to say hi first, and all I get back is a hi, with a flick of the eyes to the side, while serving another customer, and she won't talk at all, and not even barely look at me. Basically giving me the silent treatment.

Some days she will say hi first, and make conversation, being really friendly, fun, and a sweet girl. She will also say hi outside on her breaks.

But she'll talk to and act different, more open, more talkative with other customers.

I decided to give her the silent treatment, and she seemed surprised and didn't try to talk to me. Then when I was leaving, she said "Bye!" in a nice way.

Anyway, When I was there the other day and she wasn't, one of the people she works said really quietly to another girl, but I heard it, she said "is that Jane's*?..." Jane's what?



So they all, including her, now know that I like her. Now what? I don't know how long she has known this. What do I do about her co-workers?

She's not running away or acting weird. She'll make chat.

* Jane is not her real name.
I really have no idea at all where I stand with this girl. She is giving nothing away. I think she is quite shy anyway.
She also has no idea that I know that she knows that I like her.
Me and this girl have known of each other for over a year now. It's only in the last few months that I've really liked her and about a month since we started chatting.

Just was totally oblivious to her before then. Then I realized how hot she is.


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  • Wow, this girl sounds so much like me.

    Theres this guy I've known for a few years, he's the closest Guyfriend I've had without being sexual or being family.

    I really liked him for awhile but then I thought he didn't like me back & he told me he liked me to when we for met but nothing ever happend anyway he has a girlfriend now, I actually work with her, she's really nice & he comes in everyday nearly. Someday everythings fine we chat & laugh & other days I'm really nervous & can barely look at him unless he says hi first & then I can pulll a small smile, but I really freak out, I really like this guy he's one of my closest friends, I really wish I could just keep my sh*t together because I know I'm probably confusing him heaps.

    As well, what the girls at the work said, sounds to me like isn't that the guy that jane likes or he's the one that likes jane. If they were smiling or smirking your deffenitly no a stalker.

    I've had girls at work tell me guys like me I never really believe it unless I see it 4 myself or he says something. & if she's shy like me sometimes she won't let herself see it so you might just have to say something, though I wouldn't do it at her work. Ask her out to the movies or out for an adventure in the city there's always cool places to find & then tell her you like her & ask her what she wants. This messaged turned out a lot longer than I wanted, but I hope it helps :)

    • Yeah, they weren't smiling or smirking. Not a good sign. I think I should probably back off a bit. What do you think?

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    • I could be wrong, but 4 me sometimes I get angry & frustrated because I'm unsure of what's going on, at myself & the guy. It sounds like she's got a lot going on in her head, so I think giving her a little time to decided is good but just make sure she know you really like her because she might get confused as well & think you don't like her anymore. I hope this makes sense I'm actually half asleep.

    • I had a break for a week. It's going OK :)

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  • Okay first of all, those girls might not have been talking about you. And if they were they were probably just like "is that janes boyfriend?" because girls joke like that. But seriously give her your number and say something sweet. She's obviously a shy girl

    • I think she's shy too. Just something about the way the other two reacted to my being there. Have a look at my reply to an answer below.

  • Well...she can't run away she is at work. I say, stop the game playing and get straight to the point. Go there...and before you leave slip her your number. Let her know you'd like to hang out sometime. If she does contact you she likes you. If she doesn't...well you know you're answer and you should try with someone else. I wish you luck. Letting things continue this way isn't going to allow a relationship to progress. Someone has to make the bold move.

    Not just that... How much talking can a girl really do while at work? I am sure she feels a bit awkward around you because she knows her co workers know has well.

    • I'm not playing games! Genuinely worried in case we both end up embarrassed. Mainly me.

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    • Great , I hope you I'd something soon,

    • I think my anxiety is from the fact that last time I got it very badly wrong when I asked the girl out. Totally misjudged the whole thing.

  • Why don't you just tell her you like her and ask her to get coffee sometime.

  • you need to show her that you really like her, put yourself out there.


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  • Nope, it's the best thing that you pursue her. She's interested, though she wants you to chase for her, to be the man that will rescue her jaded heart. If you keep backing off, you'll just lose the interest of the girl and it will hurt your chances of being together.

    • Went in today while she was there. She just said hello and paid absolutely no attention at all, so didn't do anything. Almost as if it was the way she wanted. Don't think she looked me even once.

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    • Which she has done all the while.

    • Last one. She said hello first when I went in. This is after not seeing for a week.

  • She likes you definitely. I think she just wants you to pursue her, and show that you're really interested in her. About her co-workers, they don't mean anything. Let them talk at your back. Nothing is more blissful than you ending up with her.

  • just talk to her casually as you talk to other person by now she knows you like her so casually talk to her -making this one day she will definitely ask you whether you like her or not ...


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