Is it because he touches me often, or is it because he cares? Am I over thinking my feelings?

I really, really like this guy. But, I'm not sure if it's for him touching me whenever he's nearby (poking, hugging, holding my hand, tickling me, etc..) Or is it because he cares?

This guy touches me non-stop, flirtatiously, I've never had that done before and when he hugged me for the first time, I loved it.

But he also shows signs of caring for more than my body. I used to cut myself and even though I've stopped, the scars are still there. Every time he sees them he'll slide a finger down them and ask why I would ever, EVER, do that to myself. No one has ever asked me that before.

We've only known each other half a year, only been speaking on a regular basis since New Years Day, fml...

Do I like him for the new experiences or for the way he talks to me, and am I over thinking anything?
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  • I'd say he's interested although it's hard to say to what capacity. Based on the physical affection it sounds like he is interested in more than just friendly way and the fact that he shows concern and interest in you it is safe to say that he is trying to make an effort to convey his feelings verbally.

    You should probably just have a conversation with him. tell him you've started to develop feelings for him and wonder what he thinks. He sounds like a nice guy so he should at the least be able to let you down easy if he's not interested and if he is then bingo is your name-o!


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  • Not really. You're just fine. He's interested in you, and that's it.

  • Trust your instincts on this one,x


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