If he still isn't answering me what do I do?

Me and my best friend who I've had feelings for over 4 years now has stopped answering me on majority of my some. I have been trying to hard to think about what to do, he told me that if I'd stayed home we'd be together well a few days ago I snapped at him for ignoring me and last night he answered the phone. Now he won't answer but a few texts depending on what they say.. What do I do or say?


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  • Not to be funny, but there is not enough information to understand what is going on.

    Clearly he is upset/unhappy about something if he is not answering all of your text/calls/emails. Perhaps you need to step back for a day or two and then reach out to him and ask if the two of you can talk. Then you need to be quiet and let him speak about what is going on. Let him say everything he has to say before you say anything back. It seems that maybe you have done something that he does not like, or maybe you have an expectation that he does not share... but you are not letting him tell you what it might be.

    This isn't going to be easy, but you are not going to move forward together in any form, if you do not understand what the problem is... AND he may not be willing to share it with you - you need to expect that might happen too.

    I wish you well...

    • That's just the problem, when I try to get him to speak what's on his mind he won't even respond. I moved away to college and when I went back home for Christmas he told me that if I stayed home we'd probably be together, well I am scared and confused and I have problems trying to speak what's on my mind correctly, and when I tried it came out wrong I think towards him and he stopped answering my texts after a few days. Then I called and he picked up but wouldn't talk about it. Just shrugged it

    • when the two of you are having that many issues, it tells me that neither of you are quite ready for this kind of relationship. That isn't BAD, it just means you aren't in the right place yet. I hate to say it, but maybe it is time to move on down the road of life without him... you two might come together again sometime in the future when you are ready.

  • His last contact from you was when you snapped at him.

    How does that make him want to talk to you?


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