How to get over a guy that doesn't like you anymore?

friends with this guy for 2-3 years. just started liking him back in April. we would hangout alot..text, etc. he wanted to hangout on new years eve but I had plans and he said he wanted to kiss me.

see online that he and his brother hang out with some gurls, drinking/goofing around.

texted him the next day and we were supposed to hangout Saturday night.

he basically texts me that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore, and that he's talking to someone else...hes known this for only TWO days. he thought our relationship was going too slow (prob Because I didn't have sex with him but he says it was that I had previously liked his brother) and that he doesn't like me enough to have me as a girlfriend. he said "ur not the only one hurting" "i feel bad" "ur a good girl someone will treat you better" and I just found out who the girl is because she posted on his about calling her and how they were drinking together...she is the opposite of me.

I'm heartbroken. how to deal with this? I've cried so much I can't cry anymore...i can't believe he's off with another girl having fun...why was she good enough and I wasnt? :( he said we could be friends, but what good is that?


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  • I'm going to assume that you haven't been rejected by a lot of guys in the past.

    I have been rejected by girls before in my life, and one thing I have learned is that I can't become sad when someone doesn't have any interest in me or is an a**hole enough to be playing these types of games with me.

    My ex left me from a two year relationship, I had plans on proposing in front of her, I had so many plans in my mind that I would do in order to make it all official.

    I was left because she didn't have any feelings left for me, she had given up on me emotionally. Her feelings for me change about 3-4 months earlier than when she broke up with me.

    Of course she was showering me with the typical excuses, like "We can still be friends", "You deserve better", "It's not you, it's me" etc.

    I don't expect anyone to love me. I don't expect anyone to like me. I don't expect anything out of people. I don't assume anything anymore or take anything for granted.

    What I do expect from people is to be honest with me, to make them seem loyal and trustworthy people (of both genders).

    In the end, I can't change anyone's opinion about me.

    All I can do is to show my affection for a girl, and hopefully I will be able to show her in every way that I care about her. That's all I can do on my part.


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  • The dude sounds like a genuine a**hole, sorry but that's the honest truth. Look for a guy that doesn't go after all the sluts and don't talk to this loser again, simple as that.

  • it just takes a little time

  • stop considering him...n move ahead...u have your own self esteem


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