A guy promised me he would talk to me..

He's very nice and I don't think he would ever lie. He was getting ready for SAT's and he said he's very busy and he promised that after new years he would talk to me ( cause I'm really shy to talk to older guys..) but he hasn't even confronted me. I never want to talk to him on chat because that just shows I'm desperate or annoying and it's awkward to talk to him because he's always with his friends. He said I was cute but I think he was just being nice...what should I do..I think I'm just being an annoyance


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  • I think you're really cute as well.

    Just wait for him. Though it's something worth waiting, I think it will prove rewarding for you.

    If you've waited for a long time and your patience has run out, then it means that he's not interested in you anymore, or he seeing another girl already, or he just wants to see you as a friend. It's time to move on, though he had inflicted a lot of pain or headaches to you.


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  • When he said you were cute, did it feel to you like it was real, or like he was just saying it? I think following how you feel could be helpful in this situation.


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