I need some cute gift ideas

My boyfriend is nerdy and really sweet. We always do cheesy things together and I want to do something to sort of repay him. It was our 4 month anniversary, and he did something totally unexpected and really really sweet. He spent his own money on a cookie-cake with a cute message that only I would understand, and it had a heart on it. I just really need ideas for a random gift that he would like. What do guys like? What don't they like? I also need to know what NOT to do. Just a small little gift that shows him how much he means to me. A random act of love.


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  • He gave you a cookie with a message only you understood.The way I see it,you should give him a present only he would appreciate.I can tell you to get a watch,perfume,a video game if he's into it..but that's all cheesy (except for the video game,that would be awesome) and won't be as personal as his gift to you.Only you can answer this question.Sorry,I know this doesn't help much :/

    • That's okay. I really appreciate you trying to help though :)

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