This guy always calls me a sweetheart, what can I say back to him so he knows I like him?

This guy I know is always saying to me," you are such a sweet heart, I like you."

I like him, too. should I be telling him he is sweet as well, or what else can I say so he knows I appreciate what he says and knows I like him?


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  • "Oh, how kind of you. You're making me fall for you, so please stop it." In a teasing way.


    You can also call him names like penguin, lion, polar bear, kangaroo, or whatever you want as long as you say it in a teasing, flirtatious manner. Just appreciate all his good intentions. A mere "Thank you" is enough.

    • you can call him cereal names and chocolate bar names too

  • yeah, you should let him know that you appreciate the time he takes to admire you.


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