Which culture are you most attracted to?

I just read a question about which race people are most attracted to and I was wondering what people think of culture since culture usually affects personality more. I have a limit of poll answers so I will group based on similar cultures, please specify since all cultures aren't the same and say why.

There is no room but I want to put in America and Canada as the 6th one so just say that if you want to.

p.s. No hate! All cultures are amazing but people often have preferences and there is nothing wrong with that. Just means that is what they are more comfortable with.
  • Asian/Pacific Islander
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  • South American/Central American
    Vote B
  • African
    Vote C
  • Middle East & India
    Vote D
  • European (East and West)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I just don't like American girls so far. From their culture. Physically they are attractive but personality wise not my type. I have not really met other cultures yet but I might eat my words in the future


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What Guys Said 4

  • I'm not really sure what you're asking. There's basically something that I like about all of those cultures in some point in history. I like everything from some of the mysterious art of ancient, pre-columbian mesoAmerican stone age cultures, to European renaissance, to Asian aesthetics. As far as modern social culture, I'm not much of a fan of any of them, especially since in this globalization movement they're all looking very similar. Historically, I think they all have their strengths and weaknesses. But going back to art and aesthetics, I guess right now my preference would barely edge out in east Asian art.

  • I think Asian culture is most interesting, but there are things to be learned from all of them

  • I don't have any real appeal to a specific culture.

  • what one would be for girls who are mix black and white?

    • Its not about race but culture. If the person was raised in American and grew up with American culture then that person has American culture. If they were adopted by Japanese parents and grew up with the Japanese culture in Japan then they'd have Japanese culture.

    • ooh I miss understood. I guess it would be Asian than. mainly Japanese because I love their culture.

What Girls Said 4

  • American culture. I would be open to experiencing other cultures to know first hand if I like them or not, but as of now American culture is what I'm most comfortable with.

  • In terms of culture, Asian, without a doubt. Particularly Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Vietnamese.

    If I could travel anywhere in the world, it'd be to those countries. I'll backpack through Asia lmao

    The delicious food, the languages(Chinese & Korean particularly) and the gorgeous women and men, I'd have a field day.

    That said, it's a mild preference. Often what people claim to prefer and actually go after are different.

    In terms of dating, statistically, in the US interracial marriages make up less than 15% of marriages, because while people are culture vultures while young, they'll typically only bring home someone of the same culture/race.

    I notice this about white guys in particular. They'll date and sleep with black or Asian girls while young, but they'd never wife one up...

  • All of the Asian guys that I know are amazing breakdancers and are hilarious so I'll go with them. I also find them to be the most physically attractive race.

  • I like any culture but not so much America caz I feel there's not much of it.


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