No contact has he lost interest?? guys please give your opinion

We were dating aiming toward a relationship but I Haven't heard from him since new year and I refuse to contact him cause I believe that's he's sayin he has lost interest. Am I correct? by the way he is 14yrs older than me


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  • Are you sure he's alright? Maybe there was an emergency & he had to leave town. Just seems odd for someone to stop all contact w/o an explanation.

    I would try to get ahold of him once to see what's going on, at least you will get answers so you're not left wondering.

    • I'm sure he's OK. We had a slight altercation but why he would just stop without explanation baffles me.. I do miss him but I can't contact and put myself out there like that when its obvious he doesn't care otherwise he would have contacted me by now.

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    • Well I did what you said he said he wants to but without the arguing for no reason and I said OK. That was this mornin and I have not heard anything since. I'm just going to relax and not press the issue and not start petty arguments if I do hear him

    • Good. Just wait now & he'll get back to you probably within a couple of days or by the W/E then go from there. good luck

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  • You need to contact him. If you were gonna be in a relationship you gotta get to the bottom of the situation and find out why he hasn't been talking to you in weeks.

    • But why? I'm told men will go after what they want and by him not trying to find out if I'm OK that is basically telling me he has lost interest

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  • Yeah girl it's been 2 weeks and he has not contacted you I think whatever you two had is over. You say that you two had an altercation I guess if you were at fault then maybe he's waiting on you for an apology. If he was at fault and has not contacted you then that's just his cowardly way of ending things. if you really care about him then contact him in a casual way and see what's up. If he doesn't answer then I guess you have your answer altho I think you kinda already do. Sorry girl.

    • Yes I guess one could say I was at fault and causing strain on the relationship but yea sadly I feel as if I do have my answer cause I kno he wouldn't go this long without reaching out. I kno that if I do contact him that he'll respond but I just refuse to put myself out there when deep down I believe I have my answer although it hurts.

  • I would swallow your pride and make one last ditch effort to call him. if he doesn't answer or doesn't want to talk to you then you have the answer.

    • By me doin that it will show that I'm way more into him

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    • he thinks you are mad at something and wants you to make that decision if you guys are back to talking or not. maybe say can we just forgive and forget?

    • Well I told him I wanted to and he said that he did too but without the arguing for no reason and I said OK. I think I'm just going to chill and not focus so much on us.

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