Which Canadian university do you recommend for me to go?

I'm thinking to go to Medical School and now I go to you of T. I don't know if I made the right choice in the beginning. It's pretty hard! Not getting the marks that I want. Some people say I should switch to another school and some people are saying I should stay. I'm REALLY confused so I need HELP!






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  • Toronto is the best university for research but not for MD.

    I'd say all schools in Canada are equally good. It always comes down to your choice, where you feel happiest, least expensive, and cuts your expenses. They are equally the same.

    If I were to choose, I would go for McGill.

    • Tuition expenses are the last thing that I worry about. I just want to get high marks so I can get into medical school. And You of T is known as GPA killer. I don't if I'm wasting my time here..

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  • i go to uoft right now also, and yeah its not a good place if you want to go to med school. Western and queens are better because the marking is more fair and the class sizes are smaller.

  • For Med school either UofA, UBC or Waterloo


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