Why is my boyfriend suddenly so nice?

My boyfriend has always been verbally stabby, and he used to purposely say and do bullsh*t things that he knows would upset me, and the overall dynamic of our relationship just seemed off. But recently, he has suddenly become extremely caring, and understanding. His whole being just lights up when he sees me, and he doesn't say bs things anymore, he babies me and treats me like a princess, and he always talks about things we could do as a couple.

Recently I have taken a hard look at myself and made an effort to become a much better girlfriend, and he noticed and is surprised. He's told me that I'm suddenly more mature, understanding, and caring.

Do you guys think it's the change in me that led to the behavioral change in him? Or is something else stirring in his head... O_O


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  • Yes, it's because you've changed yourself that he has a sudden change of heart as well.


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