Does she like me? What should I do?

There is this girl in my class that I never really payed much attention to because I didn't really know her. As soon as she figured out my name she started saying hi to me. I really never thought much about it until I noticed that she would greet me almost every time that she had the chance, which was usually in class. She even told me once that she said hi to me at lunch and I did not hear her so she looked stupid. Recently I noticed that she was in the same area that I was during lunch, but she was with a group of friends. Also we recently got a new seating chart and now she sits right next to me.

I don't see her say hi to other guys. She is always enthusiastic when she says hi to me. every time she says hi to me I just say hi back because I don't know what else to say. I am unsure if she likes me or if am I just overreacting.

Today at school I went to ask her out after class and when I got to her the only thing that came out of my mouth was

"Hi _____ " and she said hi back, but in an unusual tone(in a good way). I got tongue tied and did not know what to say so I just kept walking.

Someone please help.


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  • One way to find out to her...ask for the number or out to lunch...close the deal. If you're able to leave school for lunch...ask if she'd like to go with you to lunch (pick a day)...don't say "sometime". If you're able to do this, and things go well...ask for her number soon after lunch. You have a pretty good indication she "likes" something about you. What you want to find out is does she have interest in you as a friend, or as a bf? Ultimately, her actions after you ask for the number, should give you a pretty good answer to these questions.


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  • She definitely likes you. When she got your name, it gave her an "excuse" to approach you. You should move things further with her if you really like her.

  • She's just a happy girl who finds you interesting and wants to say hi, problem?


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