Hot women say "losers" hit on them all the time...what is a "loser"?

And how do I not be a loser? How can you immediately judge if someone is trying to talk to you is a loser or not?


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  • Hot women say "losers" hit on them all the time...what is a "loser"?

    For me a loser is a guy who lacks attractiveness, wealth, status, and/or personality or is bitter, resentful, or misogynistic about gals yet expects me to look past all that for his 'inner beauty' aka his niceness when he approached me because I'm hot.

    And how do I not be a loser?

    Probably by having a life that a gal wants to be a part of.

    How can you immediately judge if someone is trying to talk to you is a loser or not?

    If you mean 'you' as in me personally then by:

    - how he looks

    - how much money he makes

    - how well-known he is

    - how he treats and regards gals.

    If you mean 'you' as in general as in you gals then likely the same way guys immediately judge if a gal is a sl*t, whore, skank, or c*nt. That way being skewed bias preconceived notions based on first appearances of what the person looks like or wears.

    • i can understand the misogynistic, resentful , bitter or bad personality.. but if a guy has a job and is just leading a regular life.. without being remarkably attractive, wealthy or with a huge status.. is he still a looser as well ?

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    • Of course I have to thank you because a supermodel thinks I'm not hideous! That means I could approach you right? And yeah, we were raised well I guess, my sister and I. But we do act bratty with each other but it's all a show. We never fight and we're always looking out for each other.

    • Most people aren't hideous. lmao

      You could approach me however I probably won't be receptive rather politely cold as I tend to get annoyed by guys approaching me as I find it so bothersome to deal with. It's some guy approaching me based on my looks who gets p*ssy if I rejected him based on looks or feels as if I should give something be it sex, a chance, my time, or my attention just because he wants it.

      Yeah you two are sweet sibs.

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  • Any woman who writes random men off, whom they don't know well enough, as 'a loser', is probably pretty narrowminded and not worth your time in the first place. Just be yourself and don't fret if some stuck up cow calls you 'a loser'.

  • a girl says that every time someone she doesn't find attractive, or good enough hits on her.

  • The "nice" guys

  • Hm, I've never called a guy a loser nor am I hot but using the powers of imagination..

    I'd think those guys that approach a woman in a crude or immature way, who look super unclean and in tattered clothing while the woman is super hot and seems successful by the way she dresses. I think its because the woman sees that she put tons of effort to work on her appearance and perhaps she is also successful enough to put money into her appearance and then is approached by a guy who doesn't seem to be trying at all in regards to cleanliness, appearance, or personality and expects a woman to overlook everything. The guy probably thinks she is shallow but in reality he is because he is as well approaching this beautiful woman based on her looks.

    I think if you want to avoid it and approach hot women then take care of your appearance, make sure to be hygienic (your version of hygienic is often far below what a woman considers hygienic), brush your teeth (just to double emphasize), sew up holes in your clothes, make sure you have some sort of academic or career thing going for you. If you have no job and approach a woman and marry then have kids well she will have to go back to work despite being in a lot of pain right after having the baby. Its probably just a subconscious thing but it is a factor. My old teacher used to tell all the guys in the class, "no A's, no Job, no baby. They are expensive!" Make sure you're polite and don't swear in front of her or say sexual things.

    Also, you don't have to be ripped but at least don't look like you eat only at McDonalds. Hot women (at least the ones I know) pay attention to their health and you should be mindful of your own. No one wants a guy who will have a heart attack at 40!

    I know its hard to understand but back in the day (prehistory sort of thing) men were more likely to pass on their genes if they bed as many women so that's why today a man will "bang" many girls with different levels of attractiveness. Women's genes best survived if they found a good guy who was kind, considerate, giving, could help care for the baby, and would set a good example for the baby etc. (a none loser) So women evolved to be able to see more about a person right away..

    also some women are just mean and that's why they say those sort of things. You don't want a mean girl. :p

  • I think the word loser is over used by loser girls.

    They refer to any guy who they think would never get a chance with them, a loser. Meaning, you don't win a chance with them. So if you're one of those and you hit on them, you're automatically a loser to them, because how on earth do you think you stand a chance with them? But, don't worry, they are losers too, and opposites attract, so search for a winner.

    • We might think that hot girl is a loser too after approaching her. just cause she's hot doesn't automatically qualify her to be datable. We could hit on her and maybe get a number or maybe decide not too even bother with cause we decided she's stupid just off the conversation we started with her. So ladies you have to qualify to the guys standards too. To Anon. user I'm not accusing you of anything just figured I'd put in my 2 cents:)

    • :D I know.

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  • More often than nought the typical woman who says this tends to go for the guys that treat them relatively poor and don't give them much, if any attention.

    Basically, if you give her attention before youve gotten hers, then you're a loser. Women logic.

  • no life. if he's got no sustinence, he's got no life and noones attracted to someone who has no life. has a job, has a way to get around, is either graduated or is trying to graduate, yada yada. looks aren't AS important as they are to men, but they can still play a part

  • yeah, even guys who are successfull with women, are very skilled, outstanding at pulling p**** even label those guys that

  • Whether or not they are attracted to a person is the deciding factor in if they are loosers.

    • Did you get eye contact?

      Do you have poor hygiene?

      Did say something offensive?

      Do you have a job?

      Do you dress like your clothes don't fit and they are hand me downs from your bother or father?

      Do you lack confidence?

      This list goes both ways for a woman picking up a man if the man has ethics or good moral fiber.

      I would surely think she was a loser if this list applied to a girl picking me up!

  • The term "loser" in dating and relationships could mean so many things, although what I think of it when I hear the term is someone who is desperate enough to try for people outside his/her age group (and I don't mean going for older people either), with more than a 3 to 5 year age difference in mind, and trying for them because they either are more vulnerable in their perspective, or they know they will cave in to them. Either way you look at it, they will view the younger one as, shall I say, "easy pickings." Doesn't even want a real relationship, is only in it for the sex, to put it quite frankly. Loser could also mean someone who always beats themselves up (on purpose) to get girls' attention, that's my $0.02 right there.

  • How attractive the guy is.

  • I suppose its someone "below their league"

  • Anyone who isn't this: link

  • how attractive the person is


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